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managing large number of devices

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Is there a way to monitor all the volumes for a given diskgroup, without the need to create individual volume resources.  We have a requirement to add additional devices on a regular basis (sybase dataserver) and we don't want to stop/start (testing) the resource group each time we add a new volume.  The diskgroup online will import and start the volumes, but we still need something to monitor the volume state. 
Only one option springs to mind : create a custom resource agent to monitor all the volumes for a given diskgroup.  The agent will respond to changes in volume state - ie return fail code etc... etc.....
Am I missing something ?  Does this functionality already exist ?  If not, is there an alternative solution ?
Regards, LeeC

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If sybase is utilizing the volumes, then it provides a monitoring method. You didn't specify if these volumes have file systems or are raw data. With raw, the ap does a good enough job. For file systems, the Mount resource monitors by wring to the super block periodically.