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mount options minpout,maxpout in AIX VCS servers


I need to include below mount options for a filesystem configured under VCS. (AIX servers). we have done the same locally but need to know the syntax to configure it in VCS.


Im not sure if the MountOpt attribute will consider these values and below syntax will work. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

hares -modify <res name> MountOpt "minpout=0,maxpout=0" 

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Hi, It is possible, syntax is


It is possible, syntax is mentioned below .. make sure to put cluster in read write mode first

# haconf -makerw

# hares -modify <res_name> MountOpt minpout=0,maxpout=0

# haconf -dump -makero

# hacf -verify /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config  (to verify that syntax is accepted & no errors in


You would need to offline & online the resource back to for new mount options to take effect.



Thank you, I will try and let

Thank you, I will try and let you know if the attributes take the values.