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vcs upgrade 2.0 to 5.0

Level 4
Hi All,
I want to upgrade from VCS 2.0 to 5.0
   V880 x2, Solaris 8 release 10/01 Veritas Cluster 2.0, VxVm 3.2
and VxFS 3.4, connected to EMC CX 500.
VCS to be upgraded to 2.0 -> 3.5MP4(or)4.1 -> 5.0
for VxVm 3.2  & VxFS 3.4 is it possible to upgrade 5.0 directly?
VCS 5.0 required minimum ver 4.0 VxVm/VxFS. Could you please explain me wheather volumemanger needs to be upgraded before cluster?
Kindly let me know the procedure .

Level 6
Accredited Certified
Downlod the Release Notes and Install/Upgrade Guides. VxFS may need intermediate upgrades by running the upgrade thru different upgrade steps. VM may also need that. VCS, if too old, required a manual change to