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Make your unstructured data come alive with Veritas Cognitive Object Storage


Building on the Veritas 360 Data Management platform, Veritas introduces Veritas Cognitive Object Storage, a software-defined, on-premises object storage solution that brings your data to life. The innovative Integrated Cognitive Engine (ICE) and Dynamic Metadata Management provides support for deep inspection and classification of data to orchestrate, process, search and take Action-on-Ingest TM. ICE simplifies analytics, modern apps and management at any scale, while automatically aligning an organization’s data to the right place, at the right time, with the right economics.

Please read my post to the VOX Blogs, where I explain the fuller benefits of this exciting offering, and download Veritas Cognitive Object Storage trialware.

As you begin exploring the features in our free Cognitive Object Storage trialware, join the Veritas Cognitive Object Storage team here in the VOX Cognitive Object Storage Discussion forum, to pose questions and receive answers on your user experience.