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WORM tape in SLP policy

I'm trying to use an SLP policy to duplicate some backups to WORM tapes.The WORM tapes themselves are working fine in a normal backup policy, they are already configured in volume pool with WORM prefix name, etc.However when used in the SLP policy th...

bzzc by Level 0
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SQL Server Database with Data Domain DD3300

Hello guys, I have installed Netbackup 10.1 On red hat 8 media server and master server , interface 10G for Netbackup and 2 Hyper -v virtual machine with SQL database availablety group with 10G interface and DD3300 with interface 10G .Unfortunately o...

Hameedz by Level 1
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Report Restore

Hi Guys,I'm trying create a report restore about all my servers we did restore like 3 months or 3 days ago.Any idea how to create this report? I already searching someone created, but still don't got it.Thanks in advanced.

Resolved! VMware 4292 error with CBT

Hello,Please help with the following scenario, several VMs have a snapshot and when executing a backup you get error 4292: Can not enable change block tracking, virtual machine has snapshots. Please remove virtual machine snapshots and retry.The ques...

rafanto by Level 4
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Resolved! Restore from a standalone drive fail

I have old NetBackup setup and we have restore request now.FS Backup was done using a robotic library few years back and now the robot has broken.Tape devices are working fine, so we have configure the tape drive as stand alone drive for restore only...

Bug CBT vSphere 8.0U2

Hi,Is Backup Exec 22.x impacted by CBT bug in vSphere 8.0 U2 ?QueryChangedDiskAreas API returns incorrect sectors after extending virtual machine VMDK file with Changed Block Tracking (CBT) enabled in ESXi 8.0u2 (95940)

toto55 by Level 2
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Unable to consolidate Virtual Machine Disks (4275)

Good dayI am trying to backup VMW-UAT-MINIOS3 which is part of a vmware policy to backup all vms in a host.and monitoring the activities during backup most jobs failed with below logsPlease assist .[3:31 pm, 22/02/2024] Joe: Feb 22, 2024 3:11:28 AM -...

Johnney by Level 3
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no images were successfully processed  (191)

Good dayKindly assist me with below issue.For some days now all my NetBackup replication jobs keeps failing with status code 191. In NetBackup admin console at activity monitor, when i try to restart job (to retry the replication i don't see option t...

Johnney by Level 3
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Resolved! Unable to perform file restore on bitlocker encrypted VM's

Hello everyone,I have a few windows VMware virtual machines which have bitlocker enabled for all drives. These machines are backed up using "VMWare" policy type. When i try to perform a file level restore, it does not seem to work. All these servers ...

File Server with DFSR and dedupe/compressed partitions

Hello,Please give your comments about this scenario:We have an HPE StoreEasy as a file server, it is structured with several partitions, which are deduplicated/compressed by the HPE StoreEasy software. The Fileserver handles approximately 20TB of inf...

rafanto by Level 4
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How to cancel interrupted collection probe

I am starting with Aptare.I want to collect NetBackup data. Some on-demand collection jobs completed successfully however one job status is "Interrupted" and the next one's status is "Queued".I hope the Queued job will start when I cancel the Interru...