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Monitor tab in CA 14.4 goes into a hung state

We recently upgraded our EV journal infra from 12.5.3 to 14.4 and see the Monitor tab goes into a hung state. We keep getting this information within the EV logs every few mins while the Monitor tab within the CA client is in a total hung state. Last...

EV Export fails Access is denied. (0x80070005)

Hello together,we have a customer which have problems exporting items via ev search.Sometimes we see the following error while exporting. In the dtrace we can see the following:CItem::Get com_error raised Error [0x80070005] (err=80070005)460578 08:10...


Resolved! Synchronise fails msmq not enough resources

Hi its me the update to 14.4 and then 14.5 worked. but: the provisioning task and also the synchronize unter the archiving task fails with "rpc call failed" when I check the Event Viewer there is alwas two entries regarding the msmq.ID 342...

DCAIT by Level 3
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Resolved! Deployment Scanner cant connect to sql

Hi,I want to move the 14.1EV to a new Server with 2019 OS (and then upgrade it to 14.4)But the Deployment scanner (for 14.1 and 14.4) keeps saying it cant connect to the SQL 2016 Server. But I can see in the logs that it logs in on the SQL Server.I T...

DCAIT by Level 3
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Two EV directories in a domain

Dear All,Currently we have around 4 EV 12.5 severs which are archiving about 10 Exchange Servers 2016. Due to the way it has been managed, the archives and indexes are not properly distributed. I'm planning to create a new EV directory (14.3) and mov...

Exchange Category

Hi all, I'm looking for way to search Vault archive by Exchange "category" but all I can find is a reference to Does anyone know whe...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Resolved! Move EV to 2019 Server and Update EV version

Hi,our 14.1 EV Server is running on Server 2012 and I want to move it to a 2019 Server.a) is it better do an inplace Upgrade of the server (uninstall ev do the upgrade reinstall) or move to a new Server?and b) after the move or Upgrade is it possible...

DCAIT by Level 3
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Resolved! EV FSA Query to list top folders

Hello I am looking to create a SQL query to list the top folders archived on a particular archive or vault store, if possible. For example: In the last 1 year, list the top 5 folders that contributed writing to archival storage. I was able to list th...

VirgilDobos by Moderator
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SMTP Service crahes - does not start up

I am on EV 14.2 with Windows 2012 R2. Once I installed the SMTP along but used it for test purposes.After a review I saw, that the SMTP Service (configured witj local system) does not start up, it just crahes with EVENT ID 1000 and 7034No other servi...

MI-6 by Level 1
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Enterprise Vault - decommisioning Exchange server

 Hi,I hope someone can give a reply.We had 2 Exchange servers 2016 on premise and Enterprise Vault was archiving the mail of all users except :We have migrated all the users mailbox to office 365, except the mailboxes of users assigned to archiving t...

Not getting durl property using EV Search API

I was trying to follow EV Search API to use EV web service search, created proxy classes, the search run and return results,  however it only return the default fields,  even I set the return fields include durl, it not return the property.This part ...

truezjz by Level 2
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EV 11 decommission server

Hi, I have 2 old EV servers and want to decommission 1 , I have followed VS and Indexes and tested and checked, I have tried removing Vault storage service but errors saying cannot remove ...

Mark201 by Level 1
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Resolved! Migrating EV from Windows 2012 to Windows 2019

We are running EV 14.1 with SQL 2012 on the same Windows 2012 server, and we need to move to a new OS.Need advice if this migration plan for EV and SQL to Windows 2019 and SQL 2019 is logicalPhase 1 - Migrate SQL to new SQL 2019 server and run EV SQL...