Veritas Velocity Is Here And What It Can Do For You !!!

Veritas Velocity Is Here And What It Can Do For You?


Success of any organization depends upon how quickly they can bring applications to the market for which they need to provision copies of production data to test & Dev team, data scientists, analytics etc. According to IDC on an average organization has around 20 production copies floating around which along with compromising security and data breach occupies 70 % of the storage and cost 70 % of storage and software cost.

                                      Here comes Velocity into play which allows you to provision virtual copies from single golden copy and the end users don’t have to wait for days, weeks or even months in some cases to get a copy of the data just to start working on it.

                          Veritas Velocity will hold this one physical copy from which you can create multiple virtual copies .As these virtual copies are like snapshots of the physical copies they take around 1 % of the storage as compared to what physical copies will take and the data can be masked to protect data breaches and compromising security.

Girish Sharma

(Technical Specialist)