CEPA / CEE support for Unity

Hi guys, 

I am wondering if Veritas is planning to add CEPA / CEE support in Data Insight anytime soon?

I don't have any specific customer for this feature but since Unity replaced VNX as the EMC mid-range storage, Data Insight has very little relevance to the market without support for events tracking in Unity.

Many thanks

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Re: CEPA / CEE support for Unity

There is a future Data Insight version which will include support of the CIFS shares advertised within Unity.

Once the release and release notes are available it will be announced via marketing notices sent to all registered customers and posted online.

We do not have a release date to post here as of yet.

Thank you for your support of the product and request to keep it relevant.



Re: CEPA / CEE support for Unity

Thanks Rod - appreciate your response and totally understand the constraints of a public forum.

Also what would have helped a lot is an option to remove relevant features and reports from DI's interface when it is used exclusively with filers which are not supported for event monitoring. In its current state, DI looks like a minefield for customers - they either need to memorize those 60-70% of links that will not work for them or click on them and be reminded they use DI with storage not supported for event monitoring, both options increase frustration from the product.

Re: CEPA / CEE support for Unity

Have you reviewed the roles for adding users to the application where you can limit their interactions to certain filers?

go to settings on the navigation bar


then select Users from the inventory


and pick appropriate role.prodROle.jpgUserROle.jpgRod


Re: CEPA / CEE support for Unity

The customer needs to interact with the filer, it's the only filer they have. What they don't need to interact with is the majority of emtpy reports which are not supported on a particular filer.