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DQL - Bulk input of search paths


I have a report which searches a list of paths for certain types of files such as vmdk, for example.

FROM dfspath
GET absname
IF extension = 'vmdk'
AND (substri(dfspath.absname, '<search path1>')=1 
OR substri(dfspath.absname, '<search path2>')=1)

Is there a way to read in the list of search paths from a CSV file rather than hard-coding them into the report. I tried using the IN FILE expression but this looks for a exact match of the pathnames whereas we are search for files below these paths.

Alternatively, does DQL support wild characters such as '*' or '%'

Any advice is much appreciated as always.








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Hi Phil, This would require

Hi Phil,

This would require multiple DQL queries and SQL post-processing. In case you are using 5.0, post-processing can be utilized from UI. Otherwise, you would need to write the SQL query outside DI.

Regarding wild characters, DQL doesn't support these but provide match / matchi functions for regular expressions.