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DQL SDK document

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I'm working on Veritas Data Insight Version

The help file states:  “For more information about creating DQL queries, see the Veritas Data Insight SDK Programmer's Guide.”

 The most up-to-date copy of this document that I can find (via google) is a Symantec branded document version 4.0 dated June 2013.  Is there a more up to date one? 

Specifically I’m interested in whether I can extract the file group (not just the extension) from queries on path.  At the moment I’m extracting the extension and converting to file group in excel, but there must be a better way.  The SDK document I have (2013) has a section on DQL Objects/Tables, but it doesn't reference file groups.  I'm wondering if the set of available objects/tables has changed since the date of the doc. 





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According to this doc:
the info seems to be contained in Veritas Data Insight 5.1 User’s Guide.

Hope this helps.


Thanks.  Marianne2 

Nearly there, but not quite.  The SDK document contains a description of all the objects and attributes available for reporting (ie a schema of sorts).   There's no such list in the user guide.

I'm making progress, though.

Best to log a Support call at this stage and request this documentation as this info does not seem to be available with rest of Data Insight documentation on SORT:


Thanks, Marianne.  I'm progressing it via channels from work (which will eventually result in a support call.  I was just hoping for a short cut answer here ;)

Thanks for your help

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The programmer's SDK guide and bible for DQL is included in the media kits or download of the product as are all manuals. wherever you have extracted the the full version download you will have the guide.

There is a 5.2 version which is the latest shipping version.


The title page reads:

Veritas Data Insight
Programmer's Reference



The list of media / documentation included and relevant dates are:

10/24/2016  07:36 AM        36,520,664 Veritas_DataInsight_sharepoint2007_5_2_0_8800.exe
10/24/2016  07:36 AM        36,528,344 Veritas_DataInsight_sharepoint2010_5_2_0_8800.exe
10/24/2016  07:36 AM        36,522,200 Veritas_DataInsight_sharepoint2013_5_2_0_8800.exe
10/24/2016  07:36 AM        37,908,464 Veritas_DataInsight_sharepoint2016_5_2_0_8800.exe
10/24/2016  07:36 AM      119,856,439
10/24/2016  07:36 AM            958,406 Veritas_Data_Insight_3rdpartyattributions.pdf
10/24/2016  07:36 AM         3,912,670 Veritas_Data_Insight_Admin_Guide.pdf
10/24/2016  07:36 AM            836,278 Veritas_Data_Insight_Install_Guide.pdf
10/24/2016  07:36 AM            920,145 Veritas_Data_Insight_Release_Notes.pdf
10/24/2016  07:36 AM            740,289 Veritas_Data_Insight_SDK_Guide.pdf
10/24/2016  07:36 AM              97,328 Veritas_Data_Insight_Self-Service_Portal_Quick_Reference_Guide.pdf
10/24/2016  07:36 AM         3,268,619 Veritas_Data_Insight_User_Guide.pdf

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You can find a most recent publication of SDK on SORT, or in zip file when you download Datainsight 6.0.

Concerning filegroups, I extract information from "filegroup" column in path table, and then I used SQL query to format the result. here a sample of what I do. The report produces a listing containing Volume and number of files for known and unknown filegroups


FROM path
GET basename, filegroups, extension, size
IF type="FILE"
FORMAT filegroups AS TABLE filegroups
SORTBY filegroups

/* SQL query *//

CREATE TABLE path_MB(path_rowid INTEGER, filegroups TEXT, no_files INTEGER, size_MB INTEGER);
SELECT a.path_rowid, b.filegroups, COUNT(a.basename), ROUND(sum(a.size)/1048576.0, 2) 
  FROM path a, filegroups b
  WHERE a.path_rowid=b.path_rowid
  AND a.extension!=''
  GROUP BY b.filegroups
SELECT a.path_rowid,'Unclassified File Group', COUNT (a.basename), ROUND(SUM(a.size)/1048576.0, 2) 
  FROM path a
  WHERE a.extension='' 
Frederic Buirey