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DQL Use case

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I have a potential opportunity for Data Insight with a focus around leveraging the Data Insight Query Language and am looking for additional help. I am starting to look at the Data Insight SDK guide to understand things but have one quick question (and perhaps many more difficult ones)

The first question is, can I create variables/tokens within the syntax of the DQL and pass it through the Data Insight Report builder or do I have to leverage an outside process and call the SDK somehow?

So the example is to query the Data Insight data for all shares with a specific name in it.

Would I be able to token this within the Data Insight UI so each time the report ran it prompted me for the value or would I have to create separate form to pass this into the query?

I am still gathering new information and will update this post when that is available.


Level 3
Employee Accredited

From my understanding the use case is something like:

I have servers all over the world and want to know if I have a file share named SUPERSECRETPROJECT or something similar.  So I want to write a query to query all the filers that have that share or something and present that in an easy to read/understand format.

So today I need to find SUPERSECRETPROJECT but tomorrow I need to find all the shares named BATMAN.  DO i have to write a new query each time I change the share name I want to look at or can i structure the query so there is a variable?

The goal would be able to output it in a way that can be easily displayed.

Does this make sense?