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DQL report asasistance

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Hi,  The below report workeduntil we recently upgraded to 6.1 and now it fails with syntax errors.  Can you advise why this is failing please?

FROM path

Get basename, absname, created_on

If matchi(basename,’"*User name*")=1

OR matchi(basename,’"*name*")=1

OR matchi(basename,’"*Address*")=1

AND extension IN ("doc","PDF","csv","JPG","PNG","vsd","ppt","xls","docx","xlsx","rtf","txt")

AND created_on >= datetime("2014/12/10 00:00", "YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm")

AND created_on <= datetime("2015/02/20 00:00", "YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm")



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What is the error you are getting? Is it not giving you any hints on which table/column got changed?


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Does it validate and not just return data? The scope is likely older than your retention and may be a problem.

Check the reportrun log for the report to see if it errs or just returns no data.
also for you comparison can you define your created_on to a human time as your conditional  will not work on the epoch value returned.

Try formatdate(created_on,'YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm') AS created_date replacing your 'created_on' in the Get stmt.