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DQL report asasistance

Hi,  The below report workeduntil we recently upgraded to 6.1 and now it fails with syntax errors.  Can you advise why this is failing please?

FROM path

Get basename, absname, created_on

If matchi(basename,’"*User name*")=1

OR matchi(basename,’"*name*")=1

OR matchi(basename,’"*Address*")=1

AND extension IN ("doc","PDF","csv","JPG","PNG","vsd","ppt","xls","docx","xlsx","rtf","txt")

AND created_on >= datetime("2014/12/10 00:00", "YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm")

AND created_on <= datetime("2015/02/20 00:00", "YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm")


2 Replies

Re: DQL report asasistance

What is the error you are getting? Is it not giving you any hints on which table/column got changed?


Re: DQL report asasistance

Does it validate and not just return data? The scope is likely older than your retention and may be a problem.

Check the reportrun log for the report to see if it errs or just returns no data.
also for you comparison can you define your created_on to a human time as your conditional  will not work on the epoch value returned.

Try formatdate(created_on,'YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm') AS created_date replacing your 'created_on' in the Get stmt.