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DQL report assistance

Level 2

I am trying to create a custom DQL report with the details below but I need to search our file servers over a specific date range and can't work out how to specify this.  can anyone assist?

FROM path
Get name, basename, absname, created_on,
If      matchi(basename,’"*John.Doe*")=1
OR  matchi(basename,"*Address")=1
OR  matchi(basename,"*Address varient*")=1

Much appreciated in advance


Level 2


Can you give the the details of the report you want?  In DQL there's a USING clause where you can add the details on teh time range for the so DI will know what time range counts as an active users.


calc_active_users("starttime, endtime, format")  

example for active users within the past 1 year:

USING calc_active_users("1 year, now")

Details are on page 38 and 39 of the 5.0 SDK guide.


The matchi clauses are similiar to matching strings with like.  You don't need the * unless you are looking to match.  Not sure if you were trying to use it as a wild card.  

Also the basename you are referencing in the matchi commands will return the name of the file or folder you are searching for without the full path detail.  If you are looking for John Doe, address, or address data, it sounds like you should be searching for matches off the or active_users.<customattribute> in the match i instead of basename.


matchi(,"John Doe") or ...  I'd need to know if Address or Address variant are specific attributes, or lables, etc.

If you can try these and get me more details on the last two matchi, I can probably give you a quick sense of the final code.