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Data Insight Dulicate report Output failure

Level 5
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Hi All,


I am trying to run a duplicate file report but I keep getting a failure: Output failure. Any idea on how to resolve the problem?






Level 5
Partner Accredited

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Debugging reporting is based on the report you created with the wizard and the expected outcome you desire. Since your error is failure to produce output we would have to assume the database could not be converted to your desired format (Csv, PDF, HTML) or was not created properly.

You always have the ability to call into support and create a case for interactive support at any time. As a partner with extensive Enterprise Vault experience you likely came across the DataInsight (DI) product due to the integration possibilities and may have less experience in that arena.

To begin your investigation into what went wrong it is important to understand a bit about reporting.

Reporting makes a call out to every indexer to initiate a report and expects results back from all involved in the data set selected in a form that will be complete query results. The process started is reportcli.exe(1) and report.exe and the data is transferred back to the MS (Management Server) running the console where the merge_rpt.exe puts the report together in its entirety and creates an output database which is then queried to produce the output.

Reports are based on a number assigned at run time which is retrievable from a couple of methods. Easiest of which is the report history view like:




But it is also in the C:\Program Files\Symantec\DataInsight\log\webserver0.0.log file in an entry such as:

[ReportsUtils.processPollStatus] Slave reported : completion of Report Instance id = 429 on indexer 3
[ReportsUtils.isCompleteOnSlaves] Report execution for run id - 429 completed on indexer - 3
[ReportsUtils.isCompleteOnSlaves] Started report output download for run id - 429 on indexer - 3
[BaseDIReportExecutorImpl.readyToMerge] Report download completed from all indexers? false
 [] Started Report output download for run id - 429 from indexer - 3
[BaseDIReportExecutorImpl.readyToMerge] Report download completed from all indexers? false
 [ServletHelper$3.handleResponse] Downloading response to C:\DataInsight\data\console\reports\reportruns\429\outputs\3
 [ZipUtility.unzip] Extracting report_output.db
 [] Report output download successful for run id - 429 from indexer - 3
 [] Started Report log download for run id - 429 from indexer - 3
 [ZipUtility.unzip] Extracting 3\configd.log(-1 bytes)
 [ZipUtility.unzip] Extracting 3\report.log(-1 bytes)

*Example is but a snippet*

The databases and output goes to  the C:\DataInsight\data\console\reports\reportruns\429 directory and the logging goes to the C:\Program Files\Symantec\DataInsight\log\reports\429 directory. There you can go under the indexer number and check the error code in the reportrun0.0.log file for further debugging.


That should get you started. You can report back with further details for additional assistance.


(1) logging.config.file=C:\Program Files\Symantec\DataInsight/conf/ defines the log file for CLI operations if you ran it manually.