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Data Insight and Office 365 (SharePoint Online)

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I didn't see any posts on this.  Does anyone know if Veritas plans to integrate Data Insight with SharePoint Online or Onedrive for Business?  They currently integrate with Box as of v5.1 so it seems like it would be a natural addition to include MS..



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Future inclusions depend on business case and demand. Office 365 is planned for a future release as are popular cloud offerings. I suggest you get abreast of the releases and release notes to follow the software announcements and speak to your account team regarding your personal desires for features or enhancements.

The Data Insight product page is under this link.

Come on Veritas, Data Insight 6.0 has been released and still no support for Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint Online. If there are plans to support it, please state when.

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Phil -

Version 6.0 was for the classification of file contents to align with the GDPR offerings across the Veritas portfolio.
Version 6.1 which is coming soon will have support for various cloud connectors.
You can find this information in the publicly available Compatibility Guide.


You may read about the requirements and features in the product guides for DI6.1.