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DataInsight port reference

I am looking for the reference to all the ports used by DataInsight that was contained in the tecnote which is reported as no longer online. The notes referenced in prior VOX articles are pointing to Symantec URLs which fail to resolve.  

The current lists in the manuals -
do not list the devices, fpolicy and other ports. 

Where can I find a complete list?


Thank you

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Re: DataInsight port reference

Hi @Pix_R 

The "missing" article is still available, so try again. 

The list of ports contained in the two links you also provided are reasonably complete. What's missing in your mind?
That said the Fpolicy port defaults to 8787 but is configurable when setting up the service connector.

Otherwise refer to the administration guide and the installation guide for the port list and connector setup.



Re: DataInsight port reference

it was moved to private so I need the designator \content\.

also i was looking for the why of the port bieng opened / used.


7mode is not likely used much anymore but the netapp says to open 139/445
the MS needs 139/445

there is nothing mentioned for Unity arrays

I was hoping for a more complete list. the previous not showed 'how' DI worked so it was valuable to explain process.




Re: DataInsight port reference

It doesn't appear private to me - but I've attached the web page to this so you can read offline. 

Hope that helps. 

As for the other information - I agreee it is not easy to find in the DI documentation.