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Error Code 2310

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Hello, data insight is installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 on domain A. There is a generic filer (let's call it GF) on domain B. In both testing scanner credentials and scanning shares from GF error code 2310 comes up. There is no description provided, nor is it online. Any answers to what this is would be greatly appreicated. 


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vaultSol -


Using the generic Filer would imply NFS shares which you have criteria that would need to be met to scan. The error typically refers to a failed share - Error is
2310 - This shared resource does not exist. - NERR_NetNameNotFound 

Could we perhaps have some context?

I could ask you for log data and ensuring it is configured correctly but let us start with the instructions.  Under the Admin Guide page 201 in table 15-1 there is the requirements for the user, are all met?

The firewall is the next step to ensure the port has been opened. The DataInsightGenericCollector service uses one-way Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to secure communication between the generic device filer and the Collector node.  The client connects to the DataInsightGenericCollector service through a specific port, which is configurable under the collector node in the Services section under the DataInsightGenericCollector.


Can you confirm for us that is true?


Thanks Rod


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Just checking if there is any feedback or the thread is going to be closed?