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Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) in DI6.4

Level 5

The implication is that I can only enable it during the upgrade and never alter it (even though there is matrix.fips.enabled$Boolean=), but it is unclear as to the consequence if it is not prevalent in my environment or across every storage device.

Since policy is likely not set on the local nodes and I must match to the MS, I am left with a few questions I do not see answered in how Data Insight will utilize it. The Install guide speaks specifically to the Winnas versions supported when disabled.

I likely would be able to assume it is enabled for the Government interfacing departments and likely less so for the internal facing departments.

Are there known consequences with enabling and interacting with NonFIPS compliant storage / Nodes?

Does it relate to classification or also the data stored in indexes primarily?

Microsoft's technote referenced implies I should expect no difference. I surmise the difference is whether to install the Kernel Mode Cryptographic Primitives / Cryptographic Primitives libraries on not and am looking to document the consequences on .NET, SSL or other connections in a mixed mode environment.