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How can i disable services

How can i disable services on settings-filers-<select server>-services-datainsightGenericCollector

How can i disable is it?

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Re: How can i disable services


Services are a windows operating system question. To disable a generic filer you can go to filers and disable specific shares or the filer itself for your aim however if the desire is to uninstall the Generic Collector service then let me give you a couple of caveats. First if you have SharePoint, DLP,etc. auto-configured then the matching of names needs to be exact and we use the Generic service to create pseudo devices to map to real names for matching purposes. If you break that expect your sensitive files, Lists, etc to be nonfunctional and log errors every attempt. Second any NFS share scanning will fail (except for NetApp where we support mixed mode and NFS).

That said to remove a service properly it would need to be removed via the Operating System. There are plenty of good articles to guide you through the windows registry and procedure. I  will not duplicate them here as there may be copyright issues.

To disable the service, which I am using as a description of a service that is installed and not active you can use the windows SCM (Service Control Manager) on the windows node you wish to disable it upon.

  1. Open the Microsoft Management Console (Start  >> RUN >> services.msc >>OK or enter)
  2. Select the chosen service
  3.  right click and choose properties
  4. Stop the service
  5. change the Startup type to Disabled  (see example below)





Re: How can i disable services

Thank you, but if i disable windows service, i see an orange (Some items need attention) status of server on the data insight console

Can i set service to Not configured in the data insight console in order to remove the status Some items need attention

Re: How can i disable services

That would be the remove option (with caveats as mentioned) above. You would no longer have a service configured so there would be no alerts.

However if you disable it and see the alert on a device / share then it is indicative it is being used by that object I would surmise. There is no trouble shooting possibility in a forum such as this but the behavior seems to indicate it no longer is capable of reporting on the device.

Advice would be best given by your account rep, a support technician or someone familiar with the environment. If you want to PM me your C:\DataInsight\data\conf\config.db.#### file I can provide you a more educated summary.