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How do I rebuild a whole device's hash?

Level 4

I am failing to retrieve volumes on a SVM 
ERROR: V-378-1339-4104: #{7340} [set_data_vserv_hash: 2232] Failed to get volumes info for VServer

ERROR: V-378-1339-4077: #{7340} [process_vservers: 3091] Failed to add VServer to allowed hash.

WARNING: V-378-1318-2118: #{5232} [get_cmod_shares: 4029] NetAPP ONTAP API Err Errstr: No records found for vserver

How do I get the classes to run via the command line to rebuild the hash?

Is it possible to utilize the binaries on the command line to reset the hash on the suspect SVM filer?

The only ones I am aware of are

--rehash        which will rehash all indexes

and of course

--dirhash              Build directory hash (use with caution)

--filehash             Build file hash (use with caution)

but these are not at the device scope.

But since it is a device I would not know which index to aim at.

CLi discovery fails netapp_util.exe -i 3 –v <name>

2022-06-09 14:59:06 INFO: V-378-1318-1000: #{15148} [__initlog: 386] Logging Initialized successfully

2022-06-09 14:59:06 ERROR: V-378-1318-1055: #{15148} [main: 1259] Error in parsing cmdline args

2022-06-09 14:59:06 INFO: V-378-1318-1058: #{15148} [main: 1273] netapp_util exit code: 1


-i <discovery option> {-v <vserver name>}:
Get list of CMod Shares and NFS exports for all VServers or for a specific VServer if -v is provided.
Discovery options:
1: Full discovery for both CIFS shares and NFS exports.
2: Test discovery for both CIFS shares and NFS exports.
3: Full discovery for CIFS shares alone.
4: Test discovery for CIFS shares alone.
5: Full discovery for NFS exports alone.
6: Test discovery for NFS exports alone.
Any other value results in full discovery of both CIFS & NFS.

Appears to be no option on the new service.


The knowledgebase returns do not show any value to me in this regard.

The Data Insight Hash Utility

Tool is to encrypt or decrypt the passwords.

not what I am looking for.

Article - High sustained latency after ONTAP upgrade to 9.7 P14 and above due to FPolicy EAGAIN ( talks about the buffer size we were told to disable in favor of the fix.

We have upgraded to fix version




Level 4


Level 4

Still an issue but now the version is 6.3.14100