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Isilon Access /Smart zoning

Is there a workaround for the known issue of discovery finding the shares from different zones with different paths  but having the same share name as being unable to add to DI for monitoring?

By default DI will add the first discovered share but leave all subsequent shares out of the configuration and off of the excluded list.

/ifs/data/Zone1/Finance shared as Finance 

/ifs/data/Zone2/Finance shared as Finance 

/ifs/data/Zone3/Finance shared as Finance 

/ifs/data/Zone4/Finance shared as Finance 

there is only the Finance from zone1in my configuration as
zone1@Finance and none of 




although all are in my discovered list and in the dropdown for manual addition which will fail unless I manually assign a pseudonym which of course will not be able to be scanned as it does not exist.

Thank You