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Meta Read events in Data Insight

Level 1

Hello Data Insight Experts,

I did some searches already, and while I have found good information, I have yet to see a detailed explanation of the different file interactions that will trigger each type of Meta Access event (Report > Access Detail > Meta Access:Read Write Create Delete Rename Security )

I'm writing because I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what file interactions trigger each of the differen types of Meta Access types.

As an example, when I search for a file, (e.g., *.log using the windows explorer after navigating to a NetApp filer), all the files that show up in the search list are listed as a READ in the report I run. If I navigate to a folder and open it, a READ event is registered against every file in that folder.

Another quirk is that when I run a search for all 'Meta Access: SECURITY' events, I get back a number of 'Meta Access: WRITE' events.

Is there a place where each Meta Access type is discussed in detail? I've seen it described at a high level in a number of places, but need something more granular.