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Null values when querying dfspath table


I'm running a DQL report which queries the dfspath table, and unexpectidly getting "(null)" values being reported in every column where it trys to resolve the DFS path names.


dfspath_rowid msu_name parent_name absname name physicalname
1 Files/London/Clients/H (null) \\UK\Files\London\Clients\H(null) (null) \\UKFILER01\share01\London\Clients\H\hat\001.docx
2 Files/London/Clients/H (null) \\UK\Files\London\Clients\H(null) (null) \\UKFILER01\share01\London\Clients\H\hat\010.msg
3 Files/London/Clients/H (null) \\UK\Files\London\Clients\H(null) (null) \\UKFILER01\share01\London\Clients\H\hat\010A.msg
4 Files/London/Clients/H (null) \\UK\Files\London\Clients\H(null) (null) \\UKFILER01\share01\London\Clients\H\hat\020.pdf
5 Files/London/Clients/H (null) \\UK\Files\London\Clients\H(null) (null) \\UKFILER01\share01\London\Clients\H\hat\020a.pdf


The DQL query is:

FROM     dfspath


IF         depth<2


Any idea why the report is returning (null) values in these columns, and is there any way around it.  The DFS maps were sucessfully imported (no errors) and there doesn't seem to be any issues when viewing the DFS paths via the workspace tab or through the out-of-box reports - only the DQL reports seem to be having an problem.

The system is running Data Insight v4.5.0





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There is some data still

There is some data still missing, check once and let me know so that I can help you sort out this issue.

Hi Techiestock, Thanks for

Hi Techiestock,

Thanks for your reply, the problem seemed to be that the DFS maps are case sensitive, such that when I changed the DFS maps to exactly match the names in Data Insight the problem went away. This was a clustered NetApp filer where Data Insight uses the name of the vfiler as advertised cluster management host, which in this case was in upper case, but the associated DFS records were in lower case.

The odd thing is that it generally worked, there were no errors when uploading the DFS maps, we could see the DFS paths in the GUI and navigate through the workspace without any problems, and the out-of-box reports also worked fine. The only thing that didn't work was was querying the dfspath table which contained null values in the name column with all the other attributes seemingly unaffected.