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Remove the classification role and Unassign Classification Server

Level 2

We have assigned a classification role our management server. Later we have Assigned the classification server to management server instead of Collector by mistake.


Now we would like to redo the changes unassign the classification server form management server and also remove the classification role from maanagement server as we have a dedicated server now.


please help.


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Hello SRGP:

You will most likely need to start a support case with Veritas Support but let me explain first.

We configure the server you designate at the classification server and change many things associated to environmental configuration of the application.

Prior to it being configured you have the choice to choose one:classification configurations.jpg



but once you have decided the configuration is set and we would update all the appropriate databases to point to the locations configured. With a support case the appropriate testing and caveats could be identified and a procedure prepared for success.

Right now it would seem a lot of manual work or a reinstall without the designate of the worker node as classification server. I strongly suspect we could manually manipulate the database.

I would also think you could install a new one and then only submit jobs to that classification server and not the MS any longer but of note would be the databases to track the jobs and timings would still reside on the Management Server.

 Here I have installed a new classification server on an unused secondary indexer:

Classification assigned.jpg

which would run the services:

Classification services.jpg

and the classification jobs:

Classification jobs.jpg

I would also need to change


to point to that server -


We can certainly assist you with the proper process.