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Share Workspace does not show summary statistics

Level 2

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Data Insight 5.2


When opening the Workspace > Shares - no statistics are shown (Open Shares, Activity, Sensitive Files, Active Users, Risk).  We have 307 monitored shares on 40 Netapp or HNAS devices.  We have integration with Symantec DLP, and the folder risk report in Symantec DLP shows data.


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

BOKF the data you are looking to find resides in a dashboard database which is calculated at the Analytics page.

If you check the settings tab then the "Advanced Analytics Configuration" page under:

Global Settings
Advanced Analytics


The status of the calculation is recorded on that page. Can you confirm that you have not had any issues with the calculations? There is a compute now button allowing you to update it manually.

You can review the success or failure logs by traversing the links.

Support form Veritas can assist you in reading the logs or you can follow up here.

Let me know if that helps?