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Veritas DI hardware recommendations

Level 5

Has anyone seen actual backend hardware recommendations for the Data Insight product from Veritas greater that the mentions in the manuals?

VMware ESX virtual machines running supported operating systems.

(Recommended ‐ VMware ESX Server version 6.7 and 7.0.) 


VMware 64-bit Windows 2012 or higher Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 7.x

Note: You must ensure that VMware Tools is installed on VMware virtual machines.

does not address the backend hardware solutions possible such as clustering on the ESXi, Datastore disk recommendations or Block / cluster size for the best performance  (such as 64K to load DB segments or FRS of 4M vs 1M for larger cluster sizes).

Although the recommendation in the manuals is to 

  • View updated hardware and software compatibility lists.

that info is a generic OS and resource minimum. 

I see it is still compatible with all 64bit OS going back to 2012 but we hope to avoid contention and improve performance by eliminating the bottlenecks on single threaded indexing and disk writes.

Benchmarks are mentioned on physical hardware but mostly reference the cloud interconnect.

suspect others have faced this issue as older OS VMs have been retired affording a change to a new environment for the replacement servers.

Does anyone have any insight ;)