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Veritas Data Insight Error



Hi Team,

I am trying to setup Veritas Data Insight tool to connect to  my NetApp controller as i can see it is connected but unable to scan any share with error below from the event log.


CIFS Server[XXXXX41FASXXX], VServer[XXXX41fas_XXX] for Cluster[10.xx.xx.xx] failed. Connection failure reason may include firewall settings blocking connection from this CIFS Server

I don't have any firewall as both of these in the same subnet. May i know what else do i need to check.




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Re: Veritas Data Insight Error


I have moved your post to the Data Insight forum as this is not related to NetBackup. 


Re: Veritas Data Insight Error

Nayabrsk, you should validate that all the prerequisites are created and a valid user with the appropriate capabilities as per the Admin guide is in place as the application needs to request system information via APIs prior to initiating the connection. You will have the netapp_util log on the collector node to guide you in what is missing or can initiate a Veritas support case for assistance.




Ref: by default location is C:\Program Files\DataInsight\log\netapp_util.log