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What is the expected behavior during Indexer Migration in DI?

Level 5

When a migration is initiated in the console of a filer to a new indexer and it is underway, what is the expected behavior when Storage Admins add new additional shares to the filer that is migrating?

Since they were not in the msu_status table when the migration proceeded do we just expect the files to be left behind and deleted or removed if manually placed upon the destination?




Level 3

The msu_status table in the migration database is only populated with the MSU's that existed on the share when the migration began.

If shares are added to a storage device while it is currently being migrated in Data Insight, there are no MSU folders created on the indexer until after the migration is completed, and they will be created on the destination indexer.

Level 5

The device will be listed in the database. Since there are MSUs associated to the device that are not in the table  as mentioned will the migration complete.