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Workspace, Activity - what does it show?

Level 6
Partner Accredited

Exactly what does the Activity and "Active Files" in the Activity view of the Workspace show? I cannot seem to find a reference to it, my guess is:

Online manual says "Total Access Count on the Share", is opening and listing content of the share enough or do you need to access files in the share?
Does both Read and Write operations count as 1?
If 2 users access the same file is that 2 counts?
If the same user access the same file 2 times, is that 2 counts?
Over which time period is this calculated? Since scanning started?

Active Files:
Files accessed (Read/Write?) over which time period?
Inactive files have not been accessed for how long? (6 months)?


Tried the admin, user and online guide, but couldn´t find a conclusive answer.