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DQL expression to select blank and non blank rows

Is there a DQL expression to select blank or non blank rows from a column, for example to select rows from the permission table where is not blank,  I've tried the != expression to no avail. Thanks.        

DQL expression for matching strings

I have a customer who requires a custom report for Data insight to filter out some of the records. I'm hoping to use DQL for this, but struggling to find an equivalent of the LIKE and NOT LIKE statement in SQL. The nearest thing I can find in the pro...

Resolved! Incremental Scan in DI

Hello! I have a problem with incremental scan. Works full scan only. When I specify a period for incremental scan it does not perform.  Can you help me?

Vladimir_R by Level 2
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Resolved! Data Insight - max results issue

When running reports in Data Insight, we need to expand the number of results in the reports. In another site, Data Insight is configured to have about 99999999999 counts before truncation, because a Conf file was able to be edited.   No one recorde...

kdrone by Level 3
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Resolved! Error Adding new Web Application

Hi,  I am getting a failed error attempting to add a new web application to DI. The error is below.    Failed sharepoint_utilclient.exe exited with error code 200 for operation DISCOVER_SHARES_PROBE_MODE. Ensure that late...

Removing Database Entries of EV Control Files

When combining DI with Enterprise Vault, EV is using “alternate data streams” and writes a lot of hidden control files (i.e. evarchivepoint.xml, evfolderpoint.xml) into the file system. They can be seen by Data Insight, which is a known issue of Data...

Resolved! Data Insight Symantec DLP link in incidents

Hello all, We are in the middle of a Symantec DLP / Data Insight integration at the moment. Right now we are in early phase 1 data aquisition.   Currently I have gone through all the steps to connect/test connections from DLP to DI and import proper ...

ndaniel71 by Level 3
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Resolved! Data Insight for Sharepoint upgrade - 4.0.1 failed

Working with a client now on upgrading their DataInsight production servers. The Manager, Collector/indexer upgrades including about 20 agents were all successfull. Moving to upgrade the Sharepoint farm per documenation we uninstalled 4.0 and ran the...

ndaniel71 by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Listing contents of folder counts as READ for all files

When user lists contens of some folder, Data Insight generates READ event for all files in that folder. Is it normal? Maybe there is any way to fix it? Because it's not very informative, for example, if we have data owner policy whoch counts read+wri...

alex987 by Level 2
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Resolved! Speeding up console

Is there any configuration changes we can make on the server side to speed up the console such as browsing the workspace? Browsing the workspace is pretty slow such as getting audit data or just getting permission info. The server is not running low ...

Resolved! Data Usage

Hi, We are very close to our storage limit for Data Insight and have been looking at what is taking up space. I have seen nearly all the space taken up with the following folder:   S:\DataInsight\Data\Console\Reports\Reportruns   (632GB)   Our Indexe...

DLPnewb by Not applicable
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Resolved! High memory utilization on agent after DI scan

Is it typical for an agent to have the memory pegged after a DI scan has been completed?   I have a Windows 2008 R2 Fileserver that has the memory consistently high at 96% (9.6GB of 10GB utilized) during and after a DI scan. Before the scan, there wa...

dig1tal by Not applicable
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Resolved! Data Insight 3.0.1 scanning cifs.homedir share

I am trying to setup Data Insight 3.0.1 with an artificial share so I can see activity on users home shares from a NetApp filer. I have created the .pb script as mentioned in the admin guide but I am struggling finding the user id to use with the con...

DL_F1 by Level 2
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Resolved! FAQ: Encrypt/SSL secure communications?

  Here is a question that the Data Insight product team received, and thought it would be useful to share the answer with the community: What about the question of someone trying to make unauthorized connections? In addition to the authorization – do...

Kimberley by Level 6
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Resolved! Data Insight - report.exe high cpu

Our management server is running consistantly at 100% with two instances of report.exe equally consuming 50% each.  My quess is that is updating itself from the over night scans??? This is a windows VM with 2 cores, did I undersize the vm? Looking to...