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DQL Use case

I have a potential opportunity for Data Insight with a focus around leveraging the Data Insight Query Language and am looking for additional help. I am starting to look at the Data Insight SDK guide to understand things but have one quick question (a...

Darryl_R by Level 3
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Resolved! DI Reporting Issue

I attempted to add my questions as a comment on a similar DI Reporting Issue forum, but I'm not sure if my response was received.  Here is my question: I have ran into a couple issues with reporting in DI: Is there a way to display more than the to...

Evan44 by Level 3
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datainsight, showing contents in workplace > contextmap

Hi everyone, symantec data insight 4.5 has been installed in our environment. Within Datainsight we ´ve just implemented and configured filer and several file servers. The system works fine and shows all scanned directories in file servers. When wor...

mesfun by Level 2
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Resolved! Data Insight - Reporting help

Hi All,   I'm new to Data Insight so I apologise for any ignorance.   Is it possible to run a report on a filer that will search for a specific term or phrase?   Many Thanks   Dave

DQL: Sum the Sum of Total Access, Exporting Dashboards

Is there a way to use DQL to demonstrate the sum of the sum of total access for sites?  For example, you can generate reports to show the number of people with access levels of create, read, write, and delete per site, but can you also demonstrate th...

Evan44 by Level 3
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Resolved! DI Report Exporting

Hello, To give some context to my issue, when HTML and CSV files are sent over SMTP in my company's network, they are stripped due to a company zip file policy.  My question is:  Is there a way to prevent these files from being stripped without chan...

Evan44 by Level 3
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Resolved! DQL Performance/Optimization

Is there anyway of optimizing DQL such that engine will take notice of the fields in the WHERE clause; such that it only runs the query on the indexer(s) associated with the specified devices? The problem that I having is that the DQL qu...

DQL - How to report last access time for users

Is there a way to report the last access time for users? We are embarking on an access recertification program that requires a custom entitlement report to determine whether or not access to shares or folders should be revoked. This is a complex rep...

DQL - Where is the container information held

Data Insight has a useful feature where objects such as filers or shares can be placed into containers to faciliate management, for example to group together the filers that reside within the same data centres to enable more granular management and r...

DQL - timestamp rounding down to minutes.

I need to create a report to identify who or what is changing the last access dates on a file system as it is messing up my customer's archive solution which relies on the last access dates to determine which files to archive. However, when querying...

DQL expression to select blank and non blank rows

Is there a DQL expression to select blank or non blank rows from a column, for example to select rows from the permission table where is not blank,  I've tried the != expression to no avail. Thanks.        

DQL expression for matching strings

I have a customer who requires a custom report for Data insight to filter out some of the records. I'm hoping to use DQL for this, but struggling to find an equivalent of the LIKE and NOT LIKE statement in SQL. The nearest thing I can find in the pro...

Resolved! Incremental Scan in DI

Hello! I have a problem with incremental scan. Works full scan only. When I specify a period for incremental scan it does not perform.  Can you help me?

Vladimir_R by Level 2
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Resolved! Data Insight - max results issue

When running reports in Data Insight, we need to expand the number of results in the reports. In another site, Data Insight is configured to have about 99999999999 counts before truncation, because a Conf file was able to be edited.   No one recorde...

kdrone by Level 3
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Resolved! Error Adding new Web Application

Hi,  I am getting a failed error attempting to add a new web application to DI. The error is below.    Failed sharepoint_utilclient.exe exited with error code 200 for operation DISCOVER_SHARES_PROBE_MODE. Ensure that late...

Removing Database Entries of EV Control Files

When combining DI with Enterprise Vault, EV is using “alternate data streams” and writes a lot of hidden control files (i.e. evarchivepoint.xml, evfolderpoint.xml) into the file system. They can be seen by Data Insight, which is a known issue of Data...

Resolved! Data Insight Symantec DLP link in incidents

Hello all, We are in the middle of a Symantec DLP / Data Insight integration at the moment. Right now we are in early phase 1 data aquisition.   Currently I have gone through all the steps to connect/test connections from DLP to DI and import proper ...

ndaniel71 by Level 3
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Resolved! Data Insight for Sharepoint upgrade - 4.0.1 failed

Working with a client now on upgrading their DataInsight production servers. The Manager, Collector/indexer upgrades including about 20 agents were all successfull. Moving to upgrade the Sharepoint farm per documenation we uninstalled 4.0 and ran the...

ndaniel71 by Level 3
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