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Is there a fix for the SP Online entitlement report?

In the release notes for the DI versions the functionality was added in 6.1.4 -Entitlement reporting for SharePoint OnlineData Insight now supports the ability to view the permissions for Microsoft SharePoint Online as a content source and to allow g...

Pix_R by Level 5
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how workspace gets updated?

how workspace gets updated?is full scan needed? i.e. full scan > collector job > filetransferjob > indexwriter then workspace is automatically updated after refresh?or is scancli.exe needed or iscannerjob then collectorjob > filetrasnferjob > indexwr...

VersEV1 by Level 4
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Resolved! 1 nodes have files piling up in indexer err folder

Hi there,I've been seeing an odd status within the DI System Overview stating that:"1 nodes have files piling up in indexer err folder"Looking into the error in detail, it looks like I'm actually getting a:"Number of files in directory indexer/err is...

Resolved! Information Studio Trial

Hi,I am testing Information Studio. I have created a customer admin user, but when I log in it asks me for a license. If I do not upload a license it does not work.How can I get a trial .slf license file? Thanks and Regards, Enrique

"This folder is protected" orange tag. What determines this?

Under the Data Insight console / Workspace / Data, for several folder, there is a small orange tag over the folder icon. When you hover over this is says "The folder is protected". Can anyone tell me what setting on the actual folder determines that ...

Classification request getting stuck - Inprogress

 Hi Team,We are classifying by share by share, but sometimes the request is getting stuck and not getting resumed. Sometime after the restart of the classificaiton server it is getting resumed.--- Some logs where request suddenly stopped. and after r...

SRGP by Level 2
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Deny Logs

Hello,Is it possible to check audit logs about denied users? This users normally dont have any permissions on share or files. Or any reports can give me this information?ThanksVL  

vaultlearner by Level 4
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Classification Access Denied.

Trying to run classification of a Windows File server and 0 of the files submitted for classification is successful.If i download the failed_paths.scv it just say "Access is denied.","Scan error (Error code:5)".Looking in the fetch log I see this:tra...

Bengt_H by Level 3
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Unable to open index.db

Hello,I have a problem on DI in one of the folders of the indexer/share the new files are no longer createdthe error I got is this:---------------------2019-04-23 16:45:02 INFO: V-378-0-0: #{5380} Product Version 1...

PCente by Level 3
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