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Classification Access Denied.

Trying to run classification of a Windows File server and 0 of the files submitted for classification is successful.If i download the failed_paths.scv it just say "Access is denied.","Scan error (Error code:5)".Looking in the fetch log I see this:tra...

Bengt_H by Level 3
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Unable to open index.db

Hello,I have a problem on DI in one of the folders of the indexer/share the new files are no longer createdthe error I got is this:---------------------2019-04-23 16:45:02 INFO: V-378-0-0: #{5380} Product Version 1...

PCente by Level 3
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Resolved! DQL "IF" vs "WHERE" - what's the difference? Why?

Hi allFirst time asking a DQL quesiton, thanks for having an active forum and an opportunity to both ask and contribute.I've been all over the Programmers Refernce Guide, and while "IF" is mentioned as part of the DQL syntax, the obvious SQL-like "WH...

Veritas Data Insight Error

  Hi Team,I am trying to setup Veritas Data Insight tool to connect to  my NetApp controller as i can see it is connected but unable to scan any share with error below from the event log.CIFS Server[XXXXX41FASXXX], VServer[XXXX41fas_XXX] for Cluster[...


Data Insight File Event Montioring not working

Has anyone had issues with File activity monitoring and auditing in DI 6.1.2RP. the configuration is fully setup and file auditing enabled in the filer configuration. The filer in question is EMC Isilon with Cava CEE tools active and installed on a s...

Classification with Data Insight client installed Catch-22...

When submitting files for classification from the Workplace from a Windows file server with Data Insight client installed,the files is first copied to \\DataInsight\data\classification\content\ localy on the client then copied to\\DataInsight\data\cl...

Bengt_H by Level 3
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Backup and Restore of DI files and folders

Want to know the process of Backup and Restore of DI files and folders during any upgrade or activity. I mean what are the important configuration files or Node related files.or If I want to completely replicate the old environment in to a  new  DI e...

SRGP by Level 2
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Encrypted files

I have a customer who will like to monitor access to files and only allow to authourised persons. In addition he wants the files to encrypted.I checked the user and admin Guide for DI, but there was no information about whether DI could monitor and r...

Data Classification suddenly ceases

Hi, just wondering if anyone has seen something similar or could point us in the right direction.We've recently installed a classification server (win 2016). When we issue classification tasks from the workspace the server goes off and fetches the fi...

Washout by Level 0
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Resolved! DI sample reports

HiIs it possible to find sample DI reports somewhere?Thanks

Gill2 by Level 4
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Resolved! Veritas Solution for File Content Search

I need some help and if Veritas offers any solution. I am looking for a solution which helps to quickly search content on our main file server. It is taking us minutes to search contents of file in few specific directories & if I have to search entir...