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Resolved! Oracle to Netbackup Copilot

Hello,I'm trying to implement Copilot for Oracle. I've set up the SLPs and registered the test instance, but NBU is unable to perform a backup with the error:Unable to perform a manual backup with policy "test". The policy does not have a list of fil...

bakra by Level 2
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Problem BackupExec 21 After Crash

A backup server had a problem, I reinstalled it on another machine, using the same previous storage (NAS), I was able to run the catalog without any problems, but it can no longer establish the trust relationship with VMWare, it reports an error when...

Catalog job paused

Hi,Does anyone know why a catalog job paused and how to resolve the issue on B2D disk?  It says the Device is paused and that's fault because the Device is not paused.  Restarting the Backup Exec services does not help, the catalog job still paused a...



Hi,by few days i looked for all FT SAN client connection orphaned and backups stuck in order to switch in Lan, on primary server./usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbrbutil -listOrphanedPipesPipe ID Pipe State Media Server=============================...

Image Duplication Backlog

Hello everyone!I've only recently started working with NetBackup and I've been dealing with it a few weeks now. Now, onto my question regarding duplication and its backlog.Over the weekend, many duplications piled up due to errors or due to the closi...

manmah by Level 0
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Enable quiescing on Oracle LinuxVM with Oracle BD?

Hello,Please your comments about this issue, we have a VM with Oracle Linux 7.9 and BD Oracle 12c R2.We execute de quiesced backup and the BD is affected in its transaccionality.What is the best practice in this case? We have vmtools installedWith qu...

rafanto by Level 4
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