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BE 22 Tape and Disk Cartridge Media

I have 2 installations of BE 22. They both are licensed appropriately. One server shows the Tape and Disk Cartridge Media option in the Storage tab and the other does not. Neither server has ever had a tape library attached to the server. Why would o...

rlawrimore_2-1679942825683.png rlawrimore_3-1679942854428.png rlawrimore_1-1679942740338.png Error.png

Automate erasing tapes in the Scratch pool

How do I automate the deletion of expired tapes from the scratch pool?I always have to go and perform a manual quick erase of expired tapes in order to allow the HP StoreOnce 6600 not to fill up.I trust your experience!Thank you

LTO cleaning tape definition with two different drives?

Hi all: I need some advice.I have a client with Quantum i3 tape library; with one LTO7 and other LTO8 tape drives and 50 slots. Both drives are in the same partition; but since the client still have LTO6 media (written with an oracle SL48 tape librar...

rbadilla by Level 3
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Image Cleanup jobs failing with RC88

Hello,I would like to ask you regarding following issue.Almost all of the Image Cleanup jobs ends in error "(88) Open Storage WORM lock error."In the Details of each job, there are always same lines with following message (for various backup images):...

Unable to create Deduplication disk

************************************************************************************* SGMon log for \\\\backupsrvr ********** Local Offset =-03:00 *************************************************************************************PVLSVR: [03/23/23 ...

backup exec update from 21.2 to 22.1

we are planning to upgrade the CASO envrioment to 22; the upgrade process states to ensure latest feature pack is installed; does that mean we first have to update the CASO envrioment to latest MR for 21 and then do the upgrade to 22.Also is the proc...

Netbackup SLP issue

2 netbackup 8.3 master servers , OS win2016, DC1 [2 NBU appliances], DC2 [2 NBU appliances]. backups were replicating from DC1 to DC2. Due to power issue NBU appliances in DC2 went down permanently[we had no support][it was corporate acquisiton]. Now...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Dedup HPE Storeonce offline

We use Backup Exec 21 with dedup HPE Storeonce 3640. Manually the part of the old elements was deleted from dedup and after that we had the problems with connection, now storeonce is offline.  Error in adamm.log is "DeviceIo: ostutil: hp-StoreOnceCat...

rufless by Level 0
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BE16: Move backup catalog from one machine to another

Hi everybody,my company is in process of shutting down a remote location. As of today, there was a stand-alone installation of BE16 at this location. Full file backups were run every week. I have their LTO backup tapes here at my place now.What would...

tape capacity

what im facing is that i move from a pool some tapes, create a new pool, and i have add that tapesnow the problem is that tapes are not being filled to capacityon 50-60% of the tapes capacity the policy start mounting a new tape from the same pool an...

Compression on deduplication Disk

Dear All,When we run a job with compress. It gives below error. Want to understand is the dedupe not work properly or not recommended Compress & Encryption for deduplication Disk. Any article on the same.The job has been configured for either data en...

Veritas System Recovery Manager 23

Hi,Comparing with Veritas Recovery Management Console 21, this new version has less options that for me are very important:- When you create new backup set, there is no option to save backups in new folder with computer name (in old version there was...

Zonning NB appliance 5250 with MSL3040

We have NB 5250 with 2 FC ports (both in initiator mode) connects to MSL 3040 via a switch. Tape library has 3 drives (2 x LTO9 and a LTO7). Single switch only. So our zonning DB has only two entriesport 1 from NB5250 and 3 drivesport 2 from NB5250 a...

santhas by Level 1
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