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Administration remote of DLO 7.5 ?

Hi friends,

Today install the console of DLO and asked if exist a form of administrive de DLO remote?

know any?

is possible.


A the wait your comments.



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...there should be. Check the

...there should be. Check the Admin Guide on how to install it. If anything like the BE admin console, you'd simply run the normal installation and then choose that option.


Pg 23 of the Admin Guide

Pg 23 of the Admin Guide lists the following:-

To install the Symantec Desktop and Laptop Option
1 Run setup.exe to start the installation wizard.
2 Click Next.
3 Read the license agreement, and if you accept the terms, select I accept the terms in the license agreement.
4 Click Next.
5 Select the setup type from the following options.
DLO Administration Console: Installs only the DLO Administration Console. This selection is typically used to install an additional console on a separate computer.

...this is a confirmation of

...this is a confirmation of what I said to the OP yesterday.