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Authenticating Agent Desktop and Laptop with Fortigate VPN with SSL connection

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I have the backup exec Syamntec Version 2012, and I have problems when I install the agent desktop and laptop option on the computer (Windows 7).

Using the option Desktop Laptop Option 7.0 walks

1. We configure and install a VPN connection (Fortigate) to the computer that is located in another city.
2. The computer included in the domain where you installed the Backup Exec (DLO).
3. let me in to the server folder where you install Backup Exec agent.
4. Agent was installed from the remote site.
5. The computer responds to ping me.
6. But when logged in with the domain user will not let me, and when I open the agent on the remote computer, it asks me credentials but no logs on the server does not establish connection.

7. We enable the VPN ports required by the desktop and laptop.

Like when I try to give ping from the Backup Exec server is unresponsive.

8. - I may Likewise Remote Desktop Connection

please only comment if anyone has any solution.


Thank you.