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BE 2012 and DLO (Desktop Laptop Option)

Level 3

We are currently using BE 2010 R3 with the DLO (desktop laptop option). All backup jobs are run directly to tape for our Windows servers. The desktops and laptops are backed up to a file share location on the BE 2010 server and backed up to tape as part of a nightly backup job.

I have been looking at doing the upgrade to BE 2012 and have been reviewing documentation on this totally different system. I printed out the 1342 page BE 2012 Administrator's Guide and was looking through it to see what sort of changes were made to DLO. I was shocked to find that DLO is no longer part of BE 2012. Upon further research it appears as if DLO is now a stand alone product and no longer integrated with BE 2012.

I also read a tech note that says DLO has to be uninstalled in BE 2010 before attempting to upgrade to BE 2012 or else the upgrade will fail.

So my questions are:

  1. What happens with the 5 machine licenses for DLO that used to be included with BE 2010?
  2. Since my BE 2010 with DLO was under a support agreement, do I now automatically get a license for DLO 7.0 as well as BE 2012?
  3. When I uninstall DLO from BE 2010 to upgrade to BE 2012 and then later install DLO 7.0, will all of my setups and backups have to be setup from scratch again?
  4. What happens to the old DLO backups?
  5. Can DLO 7.0 program reside on the same physical server as BE 2012? Can it use the same SQL Express install?
  6. Can the new DLO 7.0 backup Windows 7 64 bit and 32 bit desktops and laptops without special additional licenses?
  7. Does Symantec have any video tutorials on DLO 7.0? (I searched Symantec Connect and didn't find any)



Clifford Martin


Level 6
Partner Accredited

1. If i am not wrong, now minimum number of licenses are for 10 users bundle and you would be getting those with the upgrade license laugh.

2. Yes.

3. Do not uninstall DLO first. Download latest setup and start iinstalling it. It automatically migrates the existing configuration to new setup. You must upgrade the agents also. Once done, verify if the DLO option from BE 2010 setup is removed or not. If not, do it manually. If prompted restart the server and upgrade BE to 2012. DLO Migration process is very well documented in DLO admin guide.

Give a read here:

4. As it is not uninstall and reinstall, i believe everything would be intact. 

5. Can reside on the same serer and can use same SQL express install but a different instance.

6. DLO 7 can backup win 7 64 and 32 bit machines just like any other compatible machines, i.e user license is required. 64-bit agent will be work as 64-bit only if you have a 64-bit mail clinet installed. Otherwise it will operate in 32-bit mode.

7. Couldn't find any... Will post here if i can find something!

Level 4
Partner Accredited

I agree with Kiran, all answers are correct, I did the upgrade from BE2010 to DLO 7. If you try to upgrade from BE2010 to BE2012, the system stop the upgrade and show a warning with two options: unistall the DLO; or upgrade to DLO 7, before to upgrade to BE2012.

In reference to point 4, the install must be over BE2010 this make an upgrade and all still intact.

About point 6, I found an issue in DLO under BE2010, if you have Win7 64bits and Office 2010 64 bits, the Outlook doesn't work fine. The system send a message thinking that the Outlook 2010 isn't the defualt mail system. This works fine in the DLO 7.

Only that I don't like in the DLO 7 (that is the same as Netbackup DLO 6.5), is that this version haven't the option to limit the bandwith use in the profiles, that is present in DLO of BE2010 it is very useful when the users working under VPN.

Carlos Espinoza.