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Backup Exec 2010 Desktop Laptop Option Uninstall

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Hi Guys I need help

We have an issue with SDLO and need to uninstall it however I need to do a Silent uninstall preferably using SCCM.


I have tried the following commands:


msiExec.exe /Uninstall "Symantec Backup Exec Desktop Agent.msi" /quiet

MsiExec.exe /X{D2BE4C7A-DDB0-4A2F-B3DD-534A891E6255} /quiet

These does nothing what so ever.


msiExec.exe /Uninstall "Symantec Backup Exec Desktop Agent.msi" /passive

 This Starts the uninstall process but asks “Do you want to delete the DLO Agent user data”


I have even tried this


msiExec.exe /Uninstall "Symantec Backup Exec Desktop Agent.msi" /passive REBOOTPROMPT="S" REMOVE="ALL" CURRENTDIRECTORY="C:\Temp\sduni" CLIENTUILEVEL="2" CLIENTPROCESSID="3900"


And it makes no difference . .


Please tell me we have a Guru out there who has cracked this one


How can I run a completely silent uninstall . .  I do not mind if the DLO Agent user data is saved or removed we just need to get the application off the laptops


Thanks in advance



Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Do you have Backup Exec 2010 DLO or SDLO ? (In other words, what is the exact version of DLO ?)

Secondly, have you tried this KB -

Substitute the actual name of the .msi which is present on your system.


Level 2

I am so sorry i thought i replied to this last night . .

I have attached a screen shot of the exact version  we are running i hope this helps..

I have tried to run the uninstall as described in the KB but still it does not work  I have attached the log file if it helps

Thanks again

Shane. .

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Thanks for the confirmation. BE-DLO 2010 is different from SDLO.

Anyways, the error in the log file is

MainEngineThread is returning 1625

1625 translates to "This installation is forbidden by system policy. Contact your system administrator".