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Backup Exec DLO 2010R3 upgrade to 8?

Is there an upgrade path from DLO 2010 R3 to DLO 8?


Also, will the 2010 R3 Clients that are installed continue to be compatible with the new DLO 8 server, while we make the transition?

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Re: Backup Exec DLO 2010R3 upgrade to 8?

Yes. BE 2010 R3 DLO can be directly upgraded to DLO 8.0

Refer to the chapter titled "Upgrading to Symantec DLO 8.0" of the DLO 8.0 Admin Guide.

I believe the 2010 R3 agents will communicate with the new DLO 8.0 server but definitely not with the newer features. Backups may not work as well since newer versions of DLO use a 256 bit encryption whereas the older ones used 128-bit. The recommendation is to upgrade the DLO Agents as well.

Re: Backup Exec DLO 2010R3 upgrade to 8?

there are no clear instructions in the manual for upgrade path from DLO 2010 R3.


the manual speaks to schema upgrades for 7.5 and 7.6 but says nothing about 2010 R3?


and i expected to have to upgrade to 7.5 first?

Verbatim from the Admin Guide

Verbatim from the Admin Guide -

To upgrade from a previous version of DLO to Symantec DLO 8.0

1 Run setup.exe to start the installation wizard.
2 Click Next.
3 Read the license agreement, and if you accept the terms, select I accept the
terms in the license agreement.
4 Click Next.
5 Proceed with the installation.
Note: During the installation process, a dialog may appear indicating that the
SQL services failed to start. Click Ignore to continue.
6 When the installation is completed, click Finish.


There is no need to upgrade to 7.5, since upgrade from BE 2010 R3 is supported. Schema upgrades are not required when upgrading from 2010 R3 to 8.0

Re: Backup Exec DLO 2010R3 upgrade to 8?

1.    On Backup Exec 2010 server, download the SDLO installation files and run Setup.exe to start the installation.
2.    Click Next on Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for Symantec DLO box.
3.    Accept the License Agreement by selecting the I accept the terms in the license agreement radio button and click Next
4.    On Custom Setup box, ensure all the features you wish to install are enabled. 
On Destination Folder dialog box, choose the location where you need to install SDLO and click Next. 

On Serial number box, enter the DLO 7.0 serial number and click Next. 
On Symantec DLO Database dialog box, select a SQL Server instance on which to install the Symantec DLO database. 
1.    Local SQL Express 2005 instance: To create a new local SQL Express 2005 instance.
2.    Existing local SQL Server Instance: To use the existing local SQL Server 2005 or later.
3.    Remote DLO Database Installation: To store database on existing remote SQL server 2005/2008.

1.    Enter the domain username and password on SQL Service Account box. Use a domain user name and password for SQL service Account that can create shares on network servers. Normally a Administrator account.
2.    Enter username and password on DLO Administrator Account box. Please enter the account details which will be treated as DLO Administrator and perform administration tasks. Normally a Administrator account.
3.    Click Install and start the installation. This will take several minutes.
4.    Click Finish on InstallShield Wizard Completed box.
5.    Click OK on Configuring Symantec DLO 7.0 for first use…..
6.    Once it is done, launch DLO 7.0. It should show previously configured Profile, Users and Storage Locations  etc. Since the upgrade process will automatically migrate the DLO SQL database to new installation.
7.    Now if you launch Backup Exec 2010 and click Tools menu, you will see Desktop and Laptop option is grayed out. Which means, BE DLO was removed during upgrade process and BE 2010 DLO database migrated to Symantec DLO 7.0.
1.    Click Tools menu, and click Install Agents and Maintenance Services on Remote Computers…
2.    Click Next on Install DLO Agent and DLO Maintenance Server remotely wizard.
1.    To install DLO agent, select the radio button DLO Agent, click Add, enter name or IP address of the client system and Domain name and click OK.
1.    Enter the Remote Computer Logon Credentials on the prompt. Use a user name and password for an account that has administrative rights on the remote computer. Usually a domain admin account. Click OK.
2.    You may add more client systems from the same wizard if required. Click Install  to push install the SDLO agent.

Re: Backup Exec DLO 2010R3 upgrade to 8?

Also, will the 2010 R3 Clients that are installed continue to be compatible with the new DLO 8 server, while we make the transition?

The original poster's question was not addressed.

This is my question as well.

Will downlevel DLO agents be able to continue to back up to the new DLO 8.0 admin server until they can be upgraded or do I have to push out DLO 8.0 agents immediately?