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Boot Wizard and USB



   I just purchased a few Optiplex 9030 computer  with an Intel 1217 Ethernet Network Drivers 

   The goal is to create a bootable USB using Ghost Boot Wizard. 

   So I followed these instrutions video

   However, I am not able add the drivers into the database; consequently, creating a bootable usb. 


    I keep getting this error: Failed to import driver, Failed to find any drivers to add.

    I looked in your support track but not finding a solution 


    Ideas ?   the files where extracted:  When extracting the Intel drivers I get only 3 files a MUP  Package and Setup ??? 

    Why cant we add drivers ??? 




2 Replies

is there a compatiablity

is there a compatiablity issue with SymantecGhost Boot Wizzard and INtel 1217 - LM drivers 


yes, you have to use a 64-bit

yes, you have to use a 64-bit bootwiz USB key.  32-bit keys seem to not work with Dell Optiplex 9020+ and Dell E7450+ Regards,