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Cant use DLO agent


As i am new to the DLO, I installed DLO server and configured perfectly.

I installed Agent on one computer in my domain.

I created 2 user in DLO server of my domain.

When i tried to login as user A at my client PC i am able to use DLO agent perfectly,But when i am logged in with different user account B i am not able to use DLO agent properly.

Attached is the Pop Up message i am geeting,Tried entring administrator account user detail for that domain as well as the logged in account details but cant access.

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Re: Cant use DLO agent

If you check the DLOClientu.Log on the client machine it would give you the exact reason why it's not able to connect with the second user.

Log Location (C:\users\<username>\appdata\local\symantec\DLO\.settings)

Attach the file to see if it's showing any relevent error why it's not able to connect with the second user