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Changing Default Snapshot Time On A Single Computer

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I have a user whose snapshot time is set for 7am, which is when his shift begins. He would like to have it start at 3am. Most of the other users here are set for 5am. During the snapshot his computer really bogs down and makes it almost unusable. I found on the Altiris Recovery Agent on his system where you can set the time but it is greyed out. I am assuming by some kind of policy.

Is there a way to change the time of a snapshot for a single user by using the Altiris Console? I have tried looking and can't seem to find a way to do that.

I am fairly new to the system as the person who did manage this is no longer here. So I am learning it piece by piece. If there is a way a detailed explanation would be great.



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Snapshots... Altiris.. Seems you posted it on wrong forum

I think endpoint management should be right one