DLO 7.5 Global Excludes List Not Working

Hi there,

So I have several folders listed in my Global Excludes list and many of them are still being backed up to the users' Network Data folder. The profile's backup selections are arranged such that I have a custom selection for the entire C:\ drive and the Include/Exclude option is set to "Include all file types (except global excludes)." In the Global Exclude list I have all the files/folders that I don't want backed up. For example one of these entries is for C:\users\%USERNAME%\Downloads. However, when I look in the users' Network data folders this directory is being backed up.

Symantec support has told me that profile selections trumph the Global Excludes list, but I would think the "Include all file types (except global excludes) setting would work the way it is stated.

Am I missing something?


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Hi, Please raise a formal


Please raise a formal support case, we have a patch which will fix this issue.



Hi Santosh, I have a support

Hi Santosh,

I have a support case open and I told the support engineer about this patch. He checked on it and said he could not find the patch you are referring to. Do you have a link where I can download it?



Hi Mari, Can you please ask

Hi Mari,

Can you please ask Tech support engineer to contact the Engineering Team.