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DLO 7.5 local profile issue

Level 3

Hi All,

For some unknown reason this morning the DLO agents have decided thaty they want to backup the local profiles for all users that have ever logged onto the device (As below) rather than just the current logged in user. I am currently unable to find a setting within the centralised DLO Console to rectify this for all users?



Any and all help appreciated


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Edit the Profile from the DLO Admin Console and check the backup selections.

Level 3

The below are the only options i have ticked:


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Highlight each and every backup selection and select Modify. Verify that the actual backup selections aren't changed. It's quite possible that the backup selection says My Documents, but in reality it has been modified to include the entire C:\

Secondly, if all backup selections are intact, then on any one client machine, exit the DLO Agent and delete the .settings folder. Restart the agent and check if the backups are running correctly or not.

Level 5


As suggested by VJware check the profile backup selection if any of the selection is C:\Users the uncheck the backup selection or delete it.

If not check if the end user has manually selected C:\users as backup slection, if so from centralized console go to the setup view->computers tab->select the computer->Right click on properties->Backup selections tab

Check if C:\Users backup selection is present if so delete it.

Also to avoid this problem in future you can unchek the user setting "Add user defined backup selections", by checking this will not allow users to add their own backup selections.



Level 3

Thanks all,

I think i have found the cause. Ill keep an eye on things to check over the next couple of days.


I had modified the "my documents" backup selection to exclude .mdf files as they where causing some issues.  It appears that the system automatically placed a " * files/folders include " into the selections for some reason.

I have changed this to only include * files and see how that works going forward.