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DLO 7.6 - Deduplication Storage Estimate


I am doing an estimate for the storage size for a customer.

Telstra DLO_7.png

What is the definition of "Backup Store Size"?

What is the definition of "Chunk Store Size"?

Do you add the Backup Store Size and the Chunk Store Size to get the total storage needed for the deduplication storage locations?



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Backup Store size refers to

Backup Store size refers to the size of the Network User Data Folder.

Chunk Store is also known as the DeDupe Storage Location.

DeDupe Database contains the configuration and the global hash table.

The total size is actually backup store + chunk store + dedupe DB.

When DeDupe is enabled, the actual deduplicated data (which is broken into chunks) is stored in the DeDupe Storage Location (also known as Chunk Store) and the metadata is stored into the NUDF storage.