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[DLO 7.6] Mac OSX Yosemite Compatibility

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Hello everyone!

Just a quick question. Has anybody tested DLO Client for Mac with OSX 10.10?

Having a few continues freezes with the client.




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Mac OS 10.7 is listed as the earliest version being supported, not 10.6.

Check the Compatiblity Matrix out below:

Even if someone has managed to get it working, it's going to be an unsupported configuration.


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Yosemite 10.10 is indeed supported with SDLO 7.6

Does the agent freeze up during startup ? If yes, try disconnecting the LAN cable and check if the agent launches properly or not. If it does, reconnect the cable.

If running any AV, set it to exclude from scanning the DLO process/directory.

You might consider testing with updated SDLO 7.6 SP1 on the Mac machine.

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Hi VJware, I work with Harolvm89.

Where do we download 7.6 SP1? 

Is it ok to upgrade directly or should we have to uninstall and reinstall?

We had this issue with a Yosemite-based MacBook Pro. It was stressing the disk and CPU.

We were trying to protect Outlook 2011 identities. I noticed we couldn't put variables within the path and used absolute paths. Is that correct?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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7.6 SP1 can be downloaded from

You can upgrade directly without uninstalling the existing agent.

I am not entirely sure if Outlook Identities can be backed up using DLO or not since DLO backs up the .pst files directly. What type of path are you trying to specify ?