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DLO 7.6 Maintenance Service reserve all available RAM

Level 3


Can somone tell me why reserved all available memory by the dlomaintsvcu.exe? Is there any way to set the max. RAM which can be used by this service?

According to the sys. req.  8GB should be enought... I have added more 8 GB to the server, but 16 GB was not enough for it, so i have duplicated the size again, (32 GB RAM in the server) and more than the 70% is used at this moment. The memory using is growing continous, so i suspect the 32 GB won`t be enough.

Thank you.



Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

I would first suggest to run a repair install of DLO and if running any AV, set it to exclude from scanning the DLO processes. If this doesn't help, would recommend to log a formal support case so that we can work with you further to investigate the high memory utlization.