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DLO 8.0 Configure IO

Level 2

Hey guys,


I've installed DLO 8.0 on a fresh MSW2008R2, configured the Storage Location and the Edge Server, but when i try to configure the IO Server i'm getting this:


All the ports are opened and the firewall is turned off. The IP is local. I've check the DLO manual and nothing. Any ideea ?


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Is the Edge server the same as that of the DLO Administration server ?

Also, check if any other process or application is using port # 7009 or not. Try specifying a different port and check again.

Level 2


Yes the Edge Server is the same as the DLO Administration server. The server is NEW, there are no application installed on it ... not even a zip software. I was wondering if somebody tested version 8 and if they did what IP did they used for the IO server, the public or the lan IP.

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The EDGE server should have the public IP assigned so that DLO clients can access it over the internet. The EDGE server in turns contacts the IO server and this can have the lan IP.

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While adding IO server you need to provide the Lan IP(That is machine local IP not the public IP)

Please check the below things:

1.Check if Symantec DLO Web Server service is started.

2. Check if 7080 port is used by some other application.

3. Check if TCP/IP is enabled in the SQL Server Configuration Manager.

4. Check if the instance name of the SQL Server and the instance name present in context.xml of IO Server matches.

5. The default path for context.xml for IO Server is: C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec DLO\IOServer\Tomcat\webapps\DLOServer\META-INF\Context.xml

6. If there is a mismatch with the Instance name, then modify the context.xml file with correct instance name and restart the "Symantec DLO Web Server Service" and check the IO Server status.

7. To check the IO Server status, use the URL: http://<IPAddress_of_IO_Server>:<Port>/DLOServer/rest1/operations/status/                                    Example:

8. If the issue persists even after following the steps mentioned above, please check if it is a named SQL instance and check if the dynamic port is enabled in firewall. For more details, refer the Administrator's Guide section Symantec DLO Firewall Ports.