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DLO 9.0 Delta File Transfer + Revisions on NUDF

Level 2


We recently install DLO 9.0 and we try to configure a profile in the best way.
But we have some difficulty understanding some choice...

We have some questions about the configuration of PST backup :

 - If we check Delta File Transfer, it's seems that the number of revision doesn't count. Is it right?
 - The delta files will be merged after a while? (Depend of the revisions age ?)

Thanks in advance for the help !


Level 4


I also recently installed DLO 9.0 and not and expert on the same.

Hope this screen attached help you answer. Please note LUDF is not working in DLO 9.0

Thanks & Regards,
Shiju Chacko

Hi Shiju_Chacko,

Sorry but not really.

I made some test, I have a PST in my Documents\Outlook and one in Appdata\***

I configured the profile to keep 2 revisions in both cases, in Documents\outlook I have also checked delta file transfer but not for AppData\***.

Like you can see in attachment, in appdata, it's ok, I have two revisions. In Documents\Outlook, I have multiple delta file (revisions).

Thanks for the help !

PS: What do you mean by "Please note LUDF is not working in DLO 9.0" ?


I think the file selection need to be correct. 

However the screenshot share from the user end or storage end.

LUDF means Local User Data Folder. We cant change the default path.

Thanks & Regards,
Shiju Chacko