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DLO Dedupe Performance


I have inquiries below regarding DLO Dedupe.

  1. Does DLO Dedupe technology is different with BE/NBU? If yes, do we have a whitepaper or documentation for this?
  2. Do we have a sizing tool for Dedupe Storage? or can I use the NBU Sizing tool?
  3. As per check with other discussion that DLO Dedupe provides source-side De-Duplication. Does this mean that it uses the Desktop/Laptop large resouces when running a backup? 

Thank you!



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Re: DLO Dedupe Performance


Yes, DLO Dedupe process is different,

For Sizing calculator, Refer tech article, "Storage sizing" section Page no 13"

DLO supports source side Deduplication but the usage of the Desktop/Laptop resources is minimal.