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DLO-Desktop Agent Disable Backup via command-line called by external tool

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Hello all,

i read the documentation about "VeritasTM Desktop and Laptop Option 9.3.2 Administrator’s Guide". In Chapter 5 there are some information about "DLO Command Line Interface Management Tools". In our use-case we want to disable the backup for the user to prevent any cpu, disk or network usage.

Unfortunately i found only some information about controlling this program (enable, disable backup or exit) via system tray icon. I found no information about a commandline like "DLOCommand -DisableLocalBackups" or "DLOCommand -EnableLocalBackups".

If i understood correctly the command "DLOCommandu -EnableUser -D" is used for the DLO-Server. From my understanding the DLO-Server is the "master" which controls and manages all backups. Is this correct? So my question is: How can i disable backups on the local system via commandline? The commandline is needed because it will be called by an external tool.

Thank you very much.

Best regards