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DLO Exclude a folder from all users

Level 2

Looking for exclude a folder from all user profiles.

for an example : I need to exclude Download folder from all users 

I tried to exlude it as : C:\Users\*\Downloads   but this is not working 



I am not sure if you had managed to work this out in the meantime, but there are 2 ways the Downloads folder could be removed from backup selections;

  1. The 'Downloads' folder is a default item listed in the Properties - Backup Selections for each Profile, in the DLO Administration Console. If you Untick that, the item will not be included in normal backups, for all users who use that Profile.
  2. If the users have the ability to add thier own Backup Selections in the DLO Agent GUI, then there is the risk they could re-enable that folder for themselves. To avoid that, you can define a Global Exclude in the DLO Administration Console (Tools - Global Excludes..). In the Files\Folders tab, click Add and define the Filter to be  %USERPROFILE%\Downloads , add a Description and select to be for Folders, then click OK to save (see screenshot below). 


Once the Profile is Saved (OK), when the Agent is online, it will check Profile Settings with the DLO server, pick up those changes and the DLO Agent GUI (in Backup Selections) will now show that folder with a red cross (as below) and will not be backed up. That will apply to all users and all Profiles.


I hope this helps.